Keytop Repair and Replacement

I got started in the process of replacing keytops as a result of client requests as well as my own desire to add another hands-on skill for my clients.

After learning the process of replacing keytops entirely by hand I became aware that the machines and shop tools and jigs of the Oslund Key Repair business was available to purchase. As a result, I purchased the shop machine inventory, tools and benches and I am now able to offer my clients Keytop Replacement using the Patented Oslund Surfacer and Oslund Key Master machines. The addition of these tools allows me to Replace Piano Keytops with accurate notching and square surfacing of key tops and fronts.

Should you choose to have me perform your Keytop Repair and Replacement work, please know that I can offer quick turnaround, moderately priced and accurately done. The video to the right will show you the entire process I use to replace piano ivory keytops.

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