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Pianos for Sale

Chickering 123 6’4″ 1909 grand piano priced at $22,500.  This Chickering grand piano has been fully restored and refinished.  It was purchased from a single owner who bought the piano new in 1909.  We purchased the piano from the owner’s estate sale.  The piano has been installed with new wiekert felt hammers. The keys are original ivory and ebony and are in excellent condition. The action brackets are wood with original brass hammer shanks and flanges. The whippen flanges are 3D printed copies of original brass. The soundboard has been replaced and is a copy of the original with the tall ribs. The bench has queen ann legs and is big enough for duet seating. This is unique instrument that has been restored to its factory original specifications by Robert Linton, Classic Piano and refinished by Luhms Refinishing. The piano is located in Plymouth, MN 55447 and awaits you to come and play.  Call or text me if interested in making an appointment to play and or purchase this fine instrument – 763-438-9976   see video and photos below




Steinway Cottagewood Upright manufactured in 1884 priced at $16,500.  The piano has been restored with new strings and action parts.  The original ivory keytops have been polished and are beautiful. The keys have been rebutted.  Chuck Behm has completely refinished the piano to include original Steinway decal on the wallboard.  As you can see, it is not one of the old upright grand pianos as it is shoulder high (53 inches).  It sounds terrific ! ! ! and is ready for you to play.  The piano will be ready to play August 1st, 2024.  Call or text me if interested in purchasing this fine instrument – 763-438-9976  see photos below


Hornung Moller 8’3″ Model A2 concert grand piano.  This Hornung Moller was manufactured in 1880.  The case is in original condition with unblemished ivory and ebony keys. It also has unique brass candelabras.  I am looking for a rebuilder that will take on this project.  I have purchased bass strings and hammers and am unable to complete the restoration.  Selling for $3,000 to cover my parts and labor.  Call or text me if interested in purchasing this fine instrument – 763-438-9976    see photos below



Pianos Sold

Listed below are pianos that we have rebuilt and sold to our clients.

Chickering manufactured in 1938 has been refinished and has found a home in one of my client’s living room.  It has received new strings and pins, been voiced and regulated and the original ivory keys have been polished and rebutted.  

Steinway L – 1945 This is a 5′ 10 1/2″ piano with a hard rock maple laminated rim.  As you can see by the photos, it is in beautiful condition.  It has been restrung and the action has been rebuilt.  New Steinway action parts include Steinway wippens, hammers, hammer shanks, dampers and back checks.  The sound board and plate have been refinished.  All of the brass has been polished.  The action has been regulated and hammers voiced – it has a magnificent tone.


Mason Hamlin A – manufactured in 1914.   This piano has original ivory keys without any checks or blemishes.  It has been fully restored with a new pinblock, soundboard refinishing new decals, new strings, hammer shanks, hammers and keys rebushed.  It has also been regulated and voiced.  It was delivered to one of my clients in spring 2022.


Chickering 122 (5’2″) grand piano was restored to include ivory keytop restoration, refinished the soundboard, replaced the pin bloc, new strings and new hammers and hammer shanks.  Damper felt was also replaced.  It was sold to one of our clients and delivered winter 2019.

Conover 77  (a 5’8″ grand piano) was made in 1915. We restored the keytops, refinished the soundboard, replaced the pin block and added new strings.  We also replaced action parts to include new hammers and hammer shanks.  This piano plays and sounds like a Steinway or Mason Hamlin.  It was sold to one of our clients and delivered winter 2018.

Knabe 1968 grand piano – This piano was rebuilt with new action parts and new strings.  It was delivered in spring 2019


Pianos Sold for our Clients

Listed below are pianos that our clients have requested us to help them sell and find new homes for their cherished instruments.

Yamaha G1


Yamaha M450 Console Piano – located in Maple Grove, MN






Wurlitizer Console Piano







Cable Nelson Spinet Piano

Baldwin Acrosonic spinet piano




Pianos for Free

Currently, none of my client’s are offering their pianos for free – keep watching as this changes from time to time.

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