gold-star-small My Baldwin grand piano, which I inherited from my father, sat in storage for too many years. I was concerned that storing it for so long would do irreparable damage to it. I queried many of my friends for a ‘good’ piano tuner, but felt uncertain about each of the recommendations. By chance, I met Stan, and immediately recognized a very trustworthy and knowledgeable individual. His passion for pianos rang true. He carefully tended to the ‘needs’ of my piano. He even spent some extra ‘think’ time of how to deal with a pesky squeak in a pedal that he successfully fixed for me at no additional charge! I now have my old piano back into fine condition thanks to Stan. Stan, upon my concerns for my old piano, made recommendations as to how my piano could be restored to a finer quality of tone and he offered me very reasonable quotes. I will definitely be calling upon Stan for all future tunings and other work as needed.

JaneSpecial Education Teacher